Hello world!

It is almost exactly a year ago I that I arrived on this over-hyped continent for the purpose of pursuing a higher education. Little was I prepared for the horrors that awaited my palate. For the first two months of college, I struggled to keep food down because it was so bland. These people would put salt and black pepper on the food and call it seasoning, and when I said it did not have enough spice, handed me some contraption called hot sauce, which in of itself is not a bad idea, but where I come from, when I say spice I mean SPICES, not pepper.

In light of the abhorrent chow situation in the canteens, I decided to cook for myself on a regular basis. Another adventure onto its own, I was lost in the mere options, grateful that I did not see anything too weird (after having witnessed the unloading of perfectly round tomatoes as big as my head), and that their fruit and vegetables actually smelled like fruit and vegetables. I cannot vouch for their seafood though, the salmon is particularly suspect.

Of course, typical Ghanaian girl child that I am, at home I cooked for the family, and not at all badly, if I may say so myself, and so I was pretty well versed in the preparation of quite a few local dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I will eat my mbrofo edziban if it is properly prepared and seasoned, I do not discriminate against good food, but there is something about the strong, honest flavors of hot kelewele or gari and shito and sardines (Titus lol ) which just sends my taste buds into shockwaves of edible pleasure.

And so, now that I have conquered one full year without going home or dying of gastronomic affliction, I have decided to explore how the discriminating palate of a Ghanaian child such as myself, far away from home in rural Indiana, can survive by preparing adaptations of hardcore Ghanaian cuisine, using only what is available in the local grocery stores (although allowance must be made for special trips to the World Market in Indianapolis).

I would be most honored if you would join me on my journey. I promise to post regularly 🙂

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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Person says:

    In DePauw’s defense, the food is much better than last year, still helluva funny post, keep it up

  2. Koiwah says:

    I share your sentiment about yearning for home cooked food and the “so called” definition of what the Americans call “spicy”. Indeed their as spice,can no where be compared to ur spice….Our is real natural spice n Hot!
    I will deifnitely join you in your journey,a journey I already began two years ago,and have two more years to go…

  3. Theo says:

    Chale I will be following closely as I will have similar adventures in the coming months in rural Maine lol

  4. Selorm says:

    Nice post….hope u keep up with the good work

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