Waakye and other deliciousness

Ok so maybe I lied a little about being regular, but just a little haha, one must excuse the lapses caused by the pressure of college etc. etc. However, the time has not been wasted, bien au contraire…

Of course, one must know how to make jollof rice. All the ingredients are readily available: rice, tomatoes, onions, beef or whatever protein one likes to accompany one’s meal (For those who ignored their mother’s offer of lessons, a recipe shall be put up, although I think it unnecessary). The trick for me since I took up residence amidst the cornfields of Indiana has been how to make a decent waakye without the leaves.

No cheating on this one, I searched for those waakye leaves, high and low.  I checked the section at WalMart that caters to Hispanic foods since they can have some interesting stuff (one time I discovered they had Maggi cube, which sent me over the moon even though it was this odd soft, squooshy version, I even found corn husks which shall come in useful on my aboloo adventure). Of course I didn’t find them but then something caught my eye: black beans.

I guess we can tell where this is going.

Ok, so I do not have much waakye-making experience even from back home so I checked online and saw what other people were doing, weirdness included, but one overlapping factor was baking soda. I understand why; have you ever tasted waakye that is kind-of-almost powdery in your mouth? I guess that’s what they were going for since baking soda is used to make cake, biscuits etc. more flaky. [NB: be VERY careful with how much you put in, it can go from good flaky to bad flaky in a rush, you dont want to be chowing on chalk]

I tried two types of waakye using the following combinations:

Brown rice, black eyed peas (the Ghana man’s “normal” beans)

White long-grained rice, black beans

The brown rice wasnt too bad, but I messed up on the cooking time for the beans so they pretty much went mush   (cooked them for too long before I added the rice)

I actually LOVED the white rice and black beans. I changed the soaking water for the beans so that the rice wouldnt turn black, but some of the lovely dark blue-purple color carried over and it almost looked authentic. I also found that after subsequent heating and refridgeration, it tasted much better than it did initially.

Recipes shall be posted in a bit, no promises haha, since I have been blasted for breaking my initial vow, and so this is a Ghanaian child

Signing out.

P.S. Coming out, in the near/distant future is an aboloo special documenting my failures to date. I adore aboloo and so I have been trying to find a recipe for it, but it will probably take ages to find one remotely similar. Also, if anyone has anything they would like me to try to make, do say in the comments section. Thanks for reading this!

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One Response to Waakye and other deliciousness

  1. Selorm says:

    should i show u how to cook the aboloo……anywayz gud post

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